Balloons & Champagne
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Peace river at night (at Peace River Twelve Foot Davies)

"Hey look, you can see down her shirt" #swingconversations (at West Edmonton Mall - Galaxy Land)

Up and down til the sun goes down. Don’t wear a skirt to an impromptu day at a amusement park 😑 (at West Edmonton Mall - Galaxy Land)
Peace river lookout (at Peace River, Alberta)
The Canadian Snowbirds #peacefest #airshow  (at Peace River Airport)

F-18 fighter plane has to be caught to land #superfast (at Peace River, AB)

MOAR Airshow #peacefest

#peacefest Airshow (at Peace River, AB)

Airshow #peacefest (at Peace River, AB)

#jetboat #race #peacefest (at Peace River, AB)